A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our Under 18 Women, who won their division in the Spalding Waratah Junior Metropolitan League!

The grand final was a back-and-forth battle, with 1 point in it at quarter time, a 2 point difference at halftime, and only a 4 point margin heading into the final quarter. The team played with focus, determination, and resilience, and the whole season of development that each player went through individually and as a team showed in the final score. Each and every player on the court played an important part in the win on Sunday, and all the games leading up to the grand final, and you should all be so proud of your efforts, and how you represent yourselves, your team, your Association, and your area!

Congratulations to Steve and Tim as coaches, for their dedication and perseverance in working to build each player and a cohesive team, and to James, the team manager, who organised everything they needed and also provided us with lots of team pics from throughout the season. Thank you to the parents and families as well, for coming to be a cheer squad and also getting the players to trainings and games each week.

Well done to Jas, who was named Grand Final MVP, after a phenomenal game (and season). And we expect to see that fabulous t-shirt being worn everywhere!

Congratulations as well to the Bankstown Bruins, on a fantastic season, and playing with so much determination and heart throughout the game.


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