Shoosh For Kids


St George is teaming up with Office of Sport, Sport and Recreation and Basketball NSW to promote positive sideline behavior at junior sporting events through the Shoosh for Kids campaign.

Running all year round St George Basketball are encouraging all members to support the cause, with the aim of keeping kids playing sport.

Bringing the Shoosh for Kids Week to our club, along with other clubs and associations across NSW means that there is consistent message at grass root sport. We want junior games to be a positive, happy place for kids to enjoy themselves whilst being active.

Sport is such an important part of our lives, with so many recognised health and social benefits. We want to ensure that all players, officials and spectators, experience is positive. We want everyone, especially children to continue their involvement in sport because it’s a fun and encouraging environment for all.

Most people do the right thing. However, the sports we are working with want to remind spectators that there is no place for negative comments in our local sport.

If your comment is negative, then SHOOSH!

If your comment is directed at a player, then SHOOSH!

If you comment is directed at a referee or match official, then SHOOSH!

Reward good play by both teams with applause; if you can’t then SHOOSH!

The general rule is, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Show respect to players and game officials. Remember it’s their game!

All YEAR Round