$100 Active Kids Voucher at St George


St George Basketball Association is a proud supporter of the $100 Active Kids Rebate initiative and is an approved provider. Service NSW released a new voucher system to cover up to $100 of a child’s sporting activities.

Apply for Active Kids Rebate Voucher

Please note the following rules from Office of Sport & Services NSW:

  • Vouchers cannot be split between multiple clubs or registrations
  • The voucher can only be used on one transaction. If paying an account less than $100 you are unable to claim the full $100
  • Please note that vouchers are non-refundable

The number one most common problem is user error.

A) Parents enter the code and validate but then do not proceed through the rest of the form. This does not complete their registration and voids their voucher – now even though it voids the voucher code if they submit a support ticket to support@sportstg.com STG to see if they can potentially reactivate the unused voucher.

B) Parents complete payment/registration for incorrect products. As soon as the voucher has been correctly validated, we cannot offer refunds. This is in the terms and conditions of Service NSW.

If a parent accidentally purchases the wrong product or a fee less than $100, they forfeit the remainder value of the voucher.

If you are still unsure, most of the problems are all quite variable so please ensure you submit a support ticket to support@sportstg.com

NSW Vouchers – Registration Process