2022 Representative Coaches Announced

We would like to congratulate the following coaches who have been appointed for the 2022 representative season:

U12 MenVic Woolley
U14 MenTBC
U16 Men RedJames Minogue
U16 Men WhiteAlex Milicevic
U18 Men RedTrevor Kimber
U18 Men WhiteDavid Jaramillo
U12 WomTBC
U14 WomDon Qiu
U16 WomZoran Joveski
U18 WomSteve Bates
Men RedSimon Gleeson
Men WhiteCon Angelis
Youth League Men Div1William Hill
Youth League Men Div2Zoran Joveski
U20 WomDon Qiu
U20 MenTBC

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