2020 Grand Final Summer Season

St George would like to thank all the parents, family and friends who came to support all the local teams in their Summer Season Grand Finals. Throughout the finals we had over 30 games of fantastic and fun basketball, and some wonderful examples of both talent and sportsmanship. We truly feel the players represented our mission of Honour, Integrity, Respect.

We also want to thank our referees, and the amazing volunteers who manage the scorebenches, who ensure that our competitions run smoothly – not just in the Finals, but every week.

New Winter Local Competition postponed until further notice


U12 DIV 1 Mixed: Knights White 21 – SAINTS White 20

U12 DIV 2 Mixed: Swish Blue 35 – SlamDunks 18

U14 DIV 1 Boys: Knights White 41 – Swish Black 39

U14 DIV 2 Boys: Knights Blue 31 vs Oatley Kings 28

U14 DIV 3 Boys: Newton Jets 28 vs Carlton Cavaliers 22

U16 Girls: Mighty Midgets 27 vs Dream Team 18

U16 DIV 1 Boys: Knights White 45 – Chique Unique 43

U16 DIV 2 Boys: Saint Squad RED 55 – Knights Red 43

U16 DIV 3 Boys: Bromosomes 49 – Saint Squad WHITE 29

U18 Boys: Knights White 40 – TMG 38

U22 DIV 1 Boys: Danny D 61 – BOBCATS 56

U22 DIV 2 Boys: Subtle Asian Balling 52 vs Harry’s Heros 29

Mens: So Fresh 48 – Poolwerx HAWKS 44 (overtime)

Womens: Wildcats 40 – Team Glenn 37 (overtime)

Images of 2020 Grand Final Summer Season, please contact Cheryl Waring.